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15 Collarbone Tattoo Concepts For Every Single Visual and Design

If you get on a tattoo trip, we’re right there with you. Whether you transform to tattoos as a kind of treatment or to show an art piece, there’s something regarding them we will certainly never ever get ill of.

The “why” of obtaining a tattoo is just one aspect; one more is the “where.” And while we like and value all tattoo positionings, we have a specific fondness for the collarbone. It’s unforeseen and hot, and despite your favored design, there’s bound to be a layout you’ll like. Into standard tattoos? Fine-line tats? Stick-and-pokes? There’s a collarbone tat that fits the costs. Proceed listed below for 15 of the very best collarbone tattoo concepts for each visual.

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Manuscript Tattoo

zoomed in image of model with script tattoo on collarbone that says honey in cursive

@humblebeetattoo/ Instagram

If you’re seeking something straightforward, you can not fail with some manuscript on your collarbone in a spectacular cursive font style. Whether you choose “honey,” “love,” a name, or any type of various other word that holds value to you, we like exactly how it looks put on the side of the collarbone. Simply ensure you choose a thinner font style to stay clear of ink blood loss in the future.

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Heart Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with four small open heart tattoos on collarbone

@little. tattoos/ Instagram

That does not like love? Little and pretty hearts tattooed on the collarbone are incredibly swoon-inducing and a wonderful method to use your heart on your sleeve. Below, the user has a heart for every of her youngsters, which is past lovable.

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Peony Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with peony tattoo on collarbone with green stem and leaves and pink/red petals

@giahi/ Instagram

This tattoo shows exactly how lovely the peony (which stands for success and good luck) can view on the collarbone. In tones of eco-friendly and pink and put on its side according to the collarbone, this fragile tattoo is so enchanting.

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Stick-and-Poke Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with stick and poke style tattoo with a UFO and three aliens

@blackninked/ Instagram

Stick-and-poke tattoos aren’t everybody’s favorite, however if you locate a musician that can do it (and do it well), we claim go all out. This particular tattoo reveals the summary of a UFO with 3 little aliens, producing a wayward and perfect ambiance. Our preferred aspect needs to be the tiny information bordering the UFO, with tiny dots and lines in real stick-and-poke style.

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Constellation Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with dainty constellation tattoo on collarbone

@tinytattooinc/ Instagram

Grab the celebrities with a constellation tattoo naturally put on your collarbone. With fine-line outlining and pretty job, this wonderful tattoo is genuinely what desires are constructed from. Picture the praises you’ll obtain with such a transcendent item.

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Cherry Bloom Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with large cherry blossom tattoo starting on collarbone and cascading down shoulder and arm, in shades of pink and brown

@tattoosbytorysa/ Instagram

Seeking to make a declaration? This epic tattoo illustrating branches of cherry blooms belongs on your state of mind board. With art work beginning on the collarbone and cascading the shoulder and side of the arm, it’s distinctive and appealing.

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Huge Fallen Leave Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with two large leaf tattoos on collarbone

@humblebeetattoo/ Instagram

Vegetation, however make it black. Leaves represent development and fertility, and if that’s something you would certainly such as on your body, we believe these sensational huge fallen leaves are the method to go. With straightforward details and elaborate shading, they look fairly pleasing put on the collarbone.

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Micro Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with black ink small micro tattoo of triangles and dots on collarbone

@inked. bydani/ Instagram

Superstars like Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez are significant followers of mini tattoos, and if you intend to embrace the visual, might we recommend choosing a little tat on your collarbone? From miniature crosses to hearts (and geometric forms similar to this one), it’s a simple design that looks incredible on the collarbone.

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Vibrant Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with tattoo placement on center collarbone, with clouds, moon, and mountains in black ink

@blackninked/ Instagram

Whether you take an illustration from your youth or one engraved by your youngster, we like the concept of putting that art on the facility of the collarbone. Below, we can see a fresh and vibrant representation of hills, the moon, and clouds.

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Angel Wings Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with black ink angel wings tattoo on collarbone

@tinytattoos_feathertouch/ Instagram

Call something a lot more angelic than actual angel wings– we’ll wait. If it speaks with you mentally or you’re missing out on an enjoyed one, this nostalgic tattoo is entitled to an area on your body. When put on the collarbone, it releases womanly power and would certainly look rather fantastic looking out of containers and outfits.

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Declaration Floral Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with large statement tattoo across chest and collarbone, florals in black ink

@humblebeetattoo/ Instagram

We recognize a declaration upper body item isn’t everybody’s favorite, however we believe this huge flower tattoo is extraordinary. Whether you currently have a collection of tattoos or intend to go huge for your very first, we like exactly how this looks curtained throughout the upper body and collarbone location. Maintaining it straightforward in black ink, all eyes will certainly get on your fantastic tattoo.

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Fine-Line Tattoo

zoomed in image of model with fine line tattoos on chest, neck, and collarbone - thin line work, dainty flowers and shapes

@giahi/ Instagram

Fine-line tattoos hold true masterpieces, and we like this display screen of the approach throughout the collarbone. Utilizing mini needlework with a light hand, the matching leaves on either side of the collarbone are lovely and would certainly look fantastic bulging of any type of tee shirt design.

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Colored Berries Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with large tattoo going across collarbone, green leaves with purple berry bundles

@gentle_jaz/ Instagram

Into standard tattoo designs? Bear in mind of this vibrant berry tattoo. With vivid environment-friendlies and purples, it’s enjoyable, statement-making, and would certainly look fantastic on nearly any individual.

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Symmetrical Plant Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with leafy plant tattoos in black ink on both sides of collarbone

@girlknewyork/ Instagram

When we initially saw this in proportion plant art work put on the collarbone, we right away included it to our state of mind boards. We love the method the black ink and thorough shielding layer beneath the pile of pendants.

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Dot-Work Tattoo

zoomed-in image of model with black ink dot work tattoo in center of collarbone with small dots and leaf shape

@humblebeetattoo/ Instagram

Populate job is a tattoo visual we continuously locate ourselves attracted to, and the positioning of this certain tattoo– ideal in the facility of the collarbone– is best. With tiny dots and geometric forms, you have overall liberty when it pertains to exactly how huge or tiny you intend to go.

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