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11 Heart Tattoos That’ll Draw out Your Inner Enchanting

Selecting the best tattoo is no little choice. Nevertheless, you’re stuck to your ink for the remainder of your life (unless you select laser elimination, which isn’t precisely a stroll in the park). Possibilities are you desire something traditional however not exaggerated, initial yet identifiable, and purposeful without really feeling also major.

While a heart may really feel means also straightforward and tacky, there are limitless models of the oft-doodled sign. Whatever you’re wanting to attain with your tattoo– be it hallowing a liked one or simply obtaining artistic– it can be made with a heart. And in addition to all that, it collaborates with practically every tattoo design available. Do not think us? Continue reading for 10 heart tattoos that benefit any kind of visual.

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Blemish Hearts

Two tiny heart tattoos on the neck and the shoulder, almost freckle-like.

@little. tattoos

For a distinct and refined take on a traditional heart tattoo, select numerous little tats that develop a nearly freckle-like result.

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Dual Doodle

Shoulder tattoo of a hand-drawn heart with a black outline and a red outline.


There’s a whole lot to enjoy below (word play here meant). From the fragile, overlapping great lines and the touch of red love to the sophisticated (and conveniently hidden) positioning, we’re everything about this charm. It’s enjoyable and contemporary, with a touch of refinement.

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Hidden Finger Tattoo

woman's hand with small heart tattoo on pinky

@thevicstyles/ Instagram

While we enjoy all pretty tattoos, we’re especially keen on finger tattoos, and enjoy just how this sly positioning (on the within the pinky finger) can work as a pleasant pointer or shock throughout the day.

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Hardly There

A tiny heart tattoo on the top part of the ring finger.


Finger tattoos are refined however constantly top of mind– nevertheless, we utilize our hands to do, well, every little thing. We enjoy the concept of including an extremely little heart together with an unique word or rule, as seen below.

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Cherry Love

A tiny cherry tattoo on the inside of the pointer finger, with two little hearts as the cherries.


We might have some worries concerning its remaining power, offered the quantity of usage the location obtains, however there’s no rejecting just how great an inner-palm tattoo looks. And we enjoy the option to exchange the cherries for adorable little hearts.

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Include a Rule


For an always-there pointer, include a purposeful word or expression to your heart tat. We allow followers of this “approval” ink, however select message that truly speaks with you.

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You’re a Treasure

Close up of a heart-shaped gem tattoo on a leg


Like fashion jewelry as a tattoo (with an indisputable Seafarer Moon power), this gem-inspired ink shows that heart styles can be as innovative as you want.

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Barbed Cable

A barbed-wire heart tattoo on the mid-arm.

@matt. vesta

A barbed-wire tattoo represents toughness and nerve– and tackles an additional layer of significance when formed like a heart.

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Strawberry Desires

A tattoo of a halved strawberry in the shape of a heart.


Okay, this strawberry heart might be one of the most beloved little tattoo we ever before did see. Seriously, that’s matching with us?

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Light It Up

A tattoo of a hand holding a heart and another hand lighting up a lighter below it.


Even if it’s a heart does not suggest it needs to be all lovey-dovey. For a darker take, we allow followers of a saucy mid-action scene similar to this one.

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Capturing Celebrity

A red tattoo on a shoulder of a shooting star with a heart in the middle.

@matt. vesta

This fine-line item is component capturing celebrity, component heart, and one extremely great tat. Obtain it in black, or include a pop of shade with a vibrant red shade.

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