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From ’60s Bangs to the Shaggy Pixie, These Are All the Winter Haircut Trends to Try in 2024

Winter is a season of rest—a time to go inward, to hibernate at home, to contemplate your goals for the next year and emerge like a beautiful butterfly come spring. It’s a time to transform. “Winter is the ideal season to switch up your hairstyle,” says celebrity hairstylist Christopher Naselli. “It’s the perfect time to change your look, chop off your hair and deepen your hair color.”

And it’s not just the temperature that impacts your new look, either; anyone who has struggled with staticky hat hair or trying to layer long hair under a scarf knows the struggle. “During the winter months, it’s not just the weather that plays a role in what cut someone ultimately decides on,” says Ricardo Dinis, global artistic director for hair cutting at Aveda. “Things like jackets, scarves and sweaters play such a big part in what cut and style you should wear. You are really covered up for the most part, so going for something that’s easy to style and puts focus on the features of your face is important.” Dinis notes a shift away from the “one-size-fits-all” trending cuts to a more individualized approach. 

If you’re feeling the urge to make a big hair change this winter, we’ve got you. Discover the coolest winter haircuts trends for 2023 to inspire your next chop or trim. 

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Curly Bob

Kerry Washington with a curly bob


This cute cut is all about ease. “The curly bob is one of the most low-maintenance haircuts of the season,” says Naselli. “When chopped right at the chin, the strong design line sharpens the jawline and cutting deep soft layers to activate your natural hair texture makes the cut effortless to style.” To style, apply mousse or styling cream to damp hair and diffuse into curls. “I love seeing this cut when worn with a beautiful cashmere turtleneck to really show off the lines of the cut,” Naselli explains, adding that the cut works well on most people, especially those with natural waves or curls.

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Boy Bob

Hailey Bieber wearing a bob haircut


Dinis describes this short cut as a “chic and androgynous style.” Hair is cut to chin length, then tucked behind the ears and styled wet, wavy, straight and everything in between. “Its adaptability in styling makes it suitable for individuals who prefer a polished and sleek appearance to those who embrace a more relaxed, lived-in feel,” he says, citing Hailey Bieber’s bob as a great example of the cut.

Dinis recommends avoiding layers for that blunt, straight-across style. “If you have straighter hair, have your hairstylist ensure the line is cut crisp, blunt and precise with a scissor,” he advises. “If you have wavy hair and tend to wear it more lived-in, have your stylist point cut and texturize the ends of your hair.” 

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Smooth Shag

Jenna Ortega with a smooth shag haircut


Growing out a wolf cut or a French or Italian bob? Meet your new BFF, the smooth shag. To style, Naselli recommends a light smoothing or blowout spray on damp hair, then blowing dry with a large barrel brush. “I always use a curling iron to just give the ends a little flip up and finish with a styling cream for hold and shine,” he says.

The smooth shag also works well with a rich, luxurious winter hair color, in case you were looking for a total transformation. “To really enhance this cut, I always love to deepen my client’s color to a rich monochromatic tone, to deepen any unwanted dullness from the leftover sun damage from the summer.” (His pick is AGEBeautiful’s at-home color.)

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’60s Bangs

Melissa Bererra with long '60s bangs


Long, brow-skimming bangs never go out of style, and they’re versatile enough that you can wear them in a few different ways. “They are a perfect accessory for people who tie their hair up,” says Dinis. “If you wear a ponytail or do a messy bun, adding a bang can really add a ‘bang’ to your look.” As a bonus, bangs are a relatively low-commitment way to change up your look without cutting all of your hair, as long as you’re down to deal with the grow-out period.

Ask your stylist to cut around your lashes, but before any scissor slices through your hair, make sure you have a proper consultation so you’re on the same page re: your new bangs. “Be aware of any cowlicks you might have in the front hairline,” advises Dinis. “Go a little longer to start, then you can always cut them shorter after. Cutting bangs is a commitment, so think about it and be sure that’s what you want.”

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Blunt Bob, Blunt Bangs

Megan Fox with a blunt bob and blunt bangs


This classic cut combines elements of both the aforementioned boy bob and the ever-trendy long bangs. It’s the kind of cut that never really goes out of style but always feels fresh when it pops up again. “This hairstyle features a sleek and sharp bob cut that falls just below the chin,” explains Dafne Evangelista, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Dafne Beauty Lounge. “The bangs are cut straight across the forehead, giving a bold and edgy look.” 

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The Velvet Crop

 Florence Pugh with a peach buzz cut

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If you’re having fun watching Florence Pugh experiment with her growing-out shaved head, the velvet crop is for you. “It’s a short haircut that extends slightly beyond a buzz cut, featuring color accents on the ends or grown-out roots for a softer appearance,” Dinis says. “It’s reminiscent of Mia Farrow’s elegance and attitude, and I think it really has early ‘80s NYC vibes.” At the salon, ask your stylist to cut with clippers using a longer guard or scissors if you don’t want to go too short at first. Dinis recommends texturizing the ends for a “rebellious, punk vibe” and styling with Aveda’s Control Paste ($36).

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Long, Layered Curls

Justine Sky with long curly hair


“This haircut helps to enhance the natural curls and add volume and shape to the hair,” says Sabrina Ahmed, curly hair expert. “The layers are strategically placed to create a cascading effect, allowing the curls to bounce and flow beautifully.” 

Ahmed says this cut works best for those with naturally curly or wavy hair and works well with a variety of face shapes. At the salon, ask for a long layered curly cut to enhance natural curls.

When styling, opt for products designed to nurture curls and waves. “Apply a curl-enhancing cream or mousse to damp hair and scrunch gently to encourage the curls.” (Garnier Fructis Curl Air Dry Cream, $7, hydrates and reduces frizz and is her top pick.) “Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry the hair without disrupting the curls,” she says.

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Shaggy Pixie

Emma Chamberlain with a shaggy pixie cut


Think a more modern, messier version of Meg Ryan’s crop as Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail. “This hair cut is all about texture and movement,” says Evangelista. Hair is cut short with lots of layers for that messy, tousled look. “It’s a versatile style that can be worn with a side-swept fringe or styled for a more voluminous look.” Evangelista recommends embracing your natural hair texture and enhancing it with texturizing spray when styling. “Scrunch your hair with your fingers to create more volume and definition.”

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