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We Examined the Tarte Blusher Tape vs Charlotte Tilbury Blusher Stick to See Just How They Contrast

The nature of fads is that they reoccur, however flush has actually ridden the rollercoaster of what remains in design in the last years. In 2016, appeal experts prevented it whatsoever prices, choosing a hefty shape and emphasize rather. After that in 2015 it developed into a flush gold thrill– sunburnt, ombre, and cool lady make-up, being simply a few of the labels provided to application strategies. As a flush girly, I am delighted– a vibrant cheek is an essential in my regular and simply looks delighted. It’s the cherry in addition to any type of appearance..

All this interest to cheek shade has actually created several of the largest names in appeal to release solutions to fulfill the need. This month Tarte and Charlotte Tilbury both launched brand-new fluid solutions with sponge suggestion applicators. We placed every color of Tarte’s Blusher Tape and Charlotte Tilbury’s Blusher Stick to the examination to contrast the resemblances, distinctions, and offer our complete testimonial.

Tarte Blusher Tape Fluid Blusher

Tarte Blush Tape Liquid Blush


Store currently: Ulta, $35

Store currently: Tarte, $35

Store currently: QVC, $39 (Radiance Tape & & Blusher Tape)

What We Like:

  • 3 tones
  • Glowy surface
  • Buildable shade

What We Do not Like:

  • Some tones run out supply
  • The lighter tones are much better matched for reasonable to tool skin

On the heels of the viral Sculpt Tape Shape in January, Tarte launched a coming with Blusher Tape in March. Each color begins sheer, however can develop to complete opacity. The formula is very easy to mix and almost difficult to past due: Simply bit with a little bit of remaining structure on your brush or sponge to diffuse the sides. The shades all have an incredibly glowy surface– no added emphasize called for– unless you actually wish to bring the sparkle. The large formula is quite by itself for a no-makeup make-up result or as the mattress topper to a complete glam appearance..

Both lighter tones are much better matched for reasonable to tool complexion, with berry being a much more global shade that can be constructed for a bigger series of complexion. While this talks with the appeal of the item, some tones are currently marketed out and tough to obtain your hands on..

Dimension: 0.4 oz| Tones: 3| End Up: Glowy.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Appeal Blusher Stick

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand


Store currently: Sephora, $42

Store currently: Charlotte Tilbury, $42

Store currently: Nordstrom, $42

What We Like:

  • 4 tones
  • Matte surface
  • A bit is all you require

What We Do not Like:

  • Required to mix rapidly

The Charlotte Tilbury Appeal Light Stick in color Pinkgasm marketed out repeatedly in the in 2015 many thanks to going huge viral on TikTok, and followers have actually anxiously awaited restocks. Charlotte did one much better and introduced an entire collection of brand-new blushers utilizing the exact same very easy to down payment press tube. The matte formula is durable without looking level or excessively completely dry. The 4 tones match a variety of complexion and the formula– which is a cross in between a fluid and lotion– can be used with fingers, a brush, or a sponge..

While you just require a bit or more of item on each cheek– Charlotte herself states one for day, 2 for celebration– you will certainly require to mix rapidly, once the formula dries out down it can come to be irregular if you attempt to disperse it..

Dimension: 0.4 oz| Tones: 4| End Up: Matte.

Formula and End Up

There isn’t a victor due to the fact that these solutions are unbelievably comparable– and likewise, various. Allow me discuss: The device to use equals. A capture tube with a sponge suggestion on the top that the item moves with and is swabbed on the cheeks. There also is a spin on both to shut it off to prevent it constantly pressing with and dripping. Both solutions are additionally vegan..

The Tarte formula is sheerer and made to develop to your preferred strength, whereas the Charlotte Tilbury stick is extremely pigmented– a solitary, or double if you’re really feeling strong, bit will certainly do you. Blusher Tape brings the brilliance– a surface so glowy that it acts as a highlighter, as well. The formula additionally has actually hydrating active ingredients instilled in the formula, such as porcelain blossom, shea, and mango butter. Blusher Stick is a matte formula, nonetheless all-natural matte or satin is a much better descriptor. There’s no glimmer fragments or evident sparkle, yet it’s not as level or grainy looking as a real matte. It has obscuring polymers for an airbrushed result. The look is much more skin-like, a reasonable post-gym flush in a tube..

With the solutions being so comparable, the item you pick in the surface division all boils down to individual choice. Those aiming to remove the highlighting action or are desiring a glowing surface would certainly choose Tarte Blusher Tape. Whereas those that hesitate of looking glossy, or like including a much more pinpointed emphasize would certainly wish to get Charlotte Tilbury Blusher Stick.

Tarte Blush Tape

Byrdie/ Shannon Bauer

Revealed: Tarte Blusher Tape in Peach


When it pertains to tones Charlotte Tilbury has a mild side considering that her item is available in 4 tones versus Tarte’s 3. Blusher Stick is marketed in Peach Pop, Pink Pop, Desire Pop (a cherry red), and their legendary Cushion Talk (a glowing mauve). Blusher Tape is offered in Pink, Peach, and Berry..

The Charlotte Tilbury solutions are additionally much more pigmented, which turns up on even more complexion. Tarte’s tones are quite, however the pink and peach might be ideal matched for reasonable to tool complexion. Berry is a much more global color for a bigger series of tones. That stated, the shades are buildable– a thicker layer will certainly amp up the shade degree, as well.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Blush Wand

Byrdie/ Shannon Bauer

Revealed: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Blusher Stick in Pink Pop

Remaining Power

Lotion and fluid blushers have a credibility for fading on mix and oily skin (or in heat), however I located that both of these solutions had long life. For context, I have combination-oily skin that is particularly oily on my cheeks, and I generally choose powder blushers therefore. My face “consumes” flush– it obtains drunk right into deep space of my skin and numerous solutions are do without a trace by noontime. It is usually the initial item I grab to retouch..

I was thrilled when I searched in the mirror throughout the day that not just was the shade still there, however I really did not have that oil slick result either. Each formula was equally as pigmented at 5 p.m. as when I place it on at 7 a.m. I additionally took place a pursue job while putting on each formula– and I really did not get rid of any type of make-up in advance, for scientific research. After 45 mins, my cheeks were added purged, however the make-up was still noticeable, and attempt I claim, quite. The warmth and sweat additionally really did not trigger either item to run.

Tarte Blush Tape and Charlotte Tilbury Blush Wand

Byrdie/ Shannon Bauer

Revealed: Charlotte Tilbury in Pink Pop covered with Tarte Blusher Tape in Pink


Each of these solutions are excellent solo, however like a peanut butter and delicious chocolate mix, some points are much better with each other. I, a make-up maximalist, enjoyed to layer the coatings. Peach Pop and Peach along with Pink Pop and Pink are best pairings. Cushion Talk looks gorgeous with a bit of Pink or Berry on the apples of the cheeks. Fantasize Pop is an outlier without a straight suit, yet my testing located that Pink or Berry on the top altered the last appearance. Berry enhances the red tones and Pink blends to develop a strawberry shade. One bit of Charlotte Tilbury’s with one to 2 bits of Tarte’s was the proportion that did ideal for me and provided me the preferred outcome..

Acquiring, and layering, 2 blushers is a little bit added, yet I located it increased the tones and make-up choices. There isn’t a formula that is much better than the various other– Tarte Blusher Tape and Charlotte Tilbury Matte Blusher Stick are both exceptional in their very own right. This is simply one more method to experience the solutions and their coatings.

What You Can Anticipate to Pay

Fluid blushers range from $10 for pharmacy solutions to $20-$ 45 at appeal stores. Tarte and Charlotte Tilbury get on the greater end of that array. Nonetheless, the one-of-a-kind applicator and top quality of the formula, validates the price in our sight. If you recognize you utilize flush usually and like fluid solutions, this is a worthwhile financial investment for a high-performing item..

Why Trust Fund Byrdie

Shannon Bauer is an elegance reporter with 7 years of experience, along with a qualified make-up musician. She is an elegance tester extraordinaire and has (as well) numerous ideas regarding those items. Shannon checked all the tones of both of these blushers prior to creating this tale, plus taken into consideration complexion, skin kinds, and make-up choices when making her suggestions..

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