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Selena Gomez’s Snow Nails Are a Minimal Take on a Festive Mani

Another day, another Selena Gomez nail slay. Take a scroll through our celebrity news tab or her manicurist Tom Bachik’s Instagram account, and there is endless amounts of evidence proving she is a bonafide manicure muse. From chrome, bubblegum disco, bare bombshell, and chunky Y2K Frenches, she’s tried every aesthetic in the book. Next on her list? A winter-wonderland inspired mani, just in time for festive season.

On November 28, Bachik posted the latest creative collaboration to make it to Gomez’s fingertips, and it’s one of her coolest looks yet. It also makes the perfect minimalist holiday look for anyone who wants to be subtly festive at any parties on their calendar.

Each of the star’s nails matched with the same bright white color that Bachik dubbed a “snow white” manicure. Short and natural-shaped, her nails were ultra glossy and genuinely resembled untouched, freshly fallen snow—especially with the light reflecting off of them.


The snow white vibes continued onto what we could see of Gomez’s outfit with a tight-fitting white shirt layered under stacks of silver bangles. Her shirt and nails were color-matched to perfection in the same bright white shade.

If you want to copy Gomez’s alpine-inspired manicure, we have you covered with the step-by-step to do it perfectly. 

First, like any manicure, remove any lingering nail polish with nail polish remover. Afterwards, cut and file your nails to the desired length before applying oil to soften and push back your cuticles. Once wiped clean of oil, buff the beds of your nails and add your favorite base coat. 

For color, make sure you get the starkest, brightest white possible. We recommend Essie’s Blanc ($15) or OPI’s Alpine Snow ($9) for good drugstore options or Chanel’s Insomniaque ($32) for something fancy, and paint two even coats across each nail. White nail polish is notoriously streaky, so you may need to add a third layer—just be sure each coat is thin to avoid a gloppy mess.

Once dry, seal it in with your favorite top coat and a dollop of nail oil for health. Then, you will be ready for the iciest nails for all your winter wonderland celebrations.

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