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Just how to Cut Your Brows Like a Complete Pro

Fact: Cutting brows is possibly among our biggest concerns in life– nevertheless, the only point even worse than an over-tweezed brow is an over-trimmed brow. Also as charm editors, we have actually brought upon one way too many brow-related offenses throughout the years to also take into consideration doing it on our very own– well, previously, that is.

Ends up, with the aid of some professional A-list assistance, cutting our brows is really way less complicated than we ever before assumed feasible– as we found out when we asked eyebrow expert Kristie Streicher to provide us a refresher course, total with awesome pictures. (Include it to the listing of grooming-related jobs we have actually simply been overthinking all these years.).

Satisfy the Professional

Kristie Streicher is the designer of The Feathery Eyebrow and co-owner of Striiike charm workshop in Los Angeles.

Scroll on discover exactly how to brush your brows in 8 basic actions.

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Pick the Right Equipment

A hand reaching down toward scissors, a brow pencil, and spoolies on a table

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

Just like anything charm- or makeup-related, the devices you select will certainly make a large distinction in your implementation. You’ll require scissors that are tiny and very easy to make use of, along with a spoolie brush with soft bristles. Attempt the Kristie Streicher The Basics Brow Pet Grooming Package ($ 225)– it features scissors that have gently rounded blades and a sharp pointer ideal for accuracy cutting, a spoolie that enables you to clean with eyebrow hairs conveniently, and a set of stylish, vanity-worthy tweezers.

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Clip Your Hair Back

Close up of a blonde woman clipping back her hair

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

Clipping your hair back will certainly enable you to see your eyebrows without disturbance (particularly if you have bangs), lessening the threat of over-trimming.

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Complete Your Eyebrows With a Pencil

Close up of a woman filling in her brows, her hand on her temple pulling up her brow

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

Streicher advises completing your eyebrows with a pencil based upon exactly how you really “put on” them prior to cutting. This assists you develop an aesthetic overview and prevent over-trimming. To do this, make use of short, downy strokes to gently color the skin beneath your eyebrow hair, ensuring to violate the instructions of hair development to accessibility beneath them. We like Make Up Forever’s Aqua Resist Waterproof Brow Definer Pencil ($ 24).

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Brush Your Eyebrow Hairs Upward

Close up of a woman brushing up her brow hairs with a spoolie brush

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

Beginning your brow-trimming procedure by very first determining which eyebrow hairs require to be cut. To do this, take a tidy mascara stick ( or a spoolie brush) and brush all your eyebrow hairs upwards, tails consisted of.

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Begin Trimming

Close up of a woman trimming her eyebrow hairs

Kristie Streicher for Byrdieâ $

Next off, take your eyebrow scissors (make use of a set that is a little inclined, which offers a remarkable angle) and cut the lengthy hairs that protrude over the top of your eyebrow’s hairline. Cut the hair where it begins to flex or crinkle, startling the sizes for a much more all-natural appearance. Beware not to cut them as well short, as doing so can provide the look of voids in the eyebrows.

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Streicher claims to prevent reducing the hairs right throughout or at one time. Rather, make use of care to just cut the longer hairs that stick out past the eyebrow line, reducing one at once.

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Examine and Review

A woman looking at her eyebrows in a mirror

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

After your preliminary review, it’s a great concept to return from your mirror and evaluate. Oftentimes, you must likely quit below. (Nevertheless, all of us recognize exactly how very easy it is to simply maintain going when it involves eyebrow upkeep).

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Cut Even More and Tweeze, If Required

A woman trimming her brow hairs, viewed close up

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

If you discover that your eyebrows still look unequal, proceed to clean the hairs up and cut any type of strays up until they all straighten with your all-natural eyebrow form. When it involves roaming hairs, this would certainly be the moment to tweeze them. Typically, roaming hairs rest below your eyebrow form. A word of care: Beware tweezing over the eyebrow– you’ll discover extremely couple of strays there, to start with.

Byrdie Idea

Constantly tweeze with a normal mirror versus a magnifying mirror (it might create you to get rid of way too many hairs). Likewise, tweeze in all-natural light so you do not overdo it.

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Completed With Designing Gel

A woman brushes brow gel through her eyebrows while looking in a mirror

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

To maintain eyebrow hairs in position, Streicher claims to completed with a designing gel, cleaning the eyebrow hairs up and out. We’re followers of R+C o Magic Stick Eyebrow Gel ($ 20) for its tough hold and conditioning, flake-free formula.

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The Completed Appearance

Close up of a woman, her eyebrows gelled and groomed

Kristie Streicher for Byrdie

Voilà! Flawlessly cut eyebrows prepared for activity.

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